Mobile Phone with SMS Keyword Campaign

SMS   Keyword   Campaigns

Short Message Service (SMS or Text Messaging) keyword campaigns are proven to be the most cost effective way to acquire new customers, increase sales and grow your mobile database for future mobile CRM campaigns. You can add a keyword to virtually any advertising channel or customer touch point, and use it not only to drive immediate sales but also to build a database of targeted consumers. SMS campaigns are simple to set up and run, and we can create them for you in under a minute.

While SMS may not be as sexy as some newer technologies, it's highly effective for two reasons. First, over 99% of mobile phone users are able to send and receive SMS messages; and secondly, over 95% of text messages received are read within 15 minutes. Considering that typical commercial email open rates are around 10% (and click-throughs a tiny fraction thereof), SMS is an excellent way to make sure that your customers are actually reading your messages. In addition, SMS campaigns are typically far cheaper and more flexible to set up and manage than any other kind of mobile campaign.

SMS keywords can be used to trigger a whole range of campaign types, including mobile coupons, votes, quizzes, sweepstakes, information, mobile Web links, images, mobile videos and more. These campaigns are ideal for both acquisition and retention, as they engage customers and encourage interaction, which promotes your brand in the customer's mind as well as creating a powerful connection in a personal space.