Ping Mobile's flagship platform, the PingManager™ is at the heart of all our mobile marketing activities. The PingManager™ governs all campaign logic and communications, manages customer databases, and contorls third party communications. The main features of the PingManager™ include:

  • Profile Management Tools: Easily create new customer profiles and data points on the fly to ensure maximum relevance and ROI

  • Behavioral Intelligence System: Learns your customer habits and patterns, then automatically segments and profiles your mobile database

  • Multi-Client ASP Model with Web Access and Controls: Agencies, media companies and partners can create unlimited online set-up, management and reporting dashboards and provide their clients with access to their own campaigns

  • Online Real-Time Reporting: Integrated reports provide summary and detailed views of all customer and system activity in real time

  • Wide Range of APIs: Integrate and establish connections with 3rd party applications, Web sites and databases. Allows clients to add functionality like "send to phone," database queries, real-time data transfer and more

  • Full Cross-Module Integration: Create and run campaigns using any combination of modules

  • Scalability: The system is fully scalable, redundant, and offers clustering support for carriers and large service providers.

  • Multiple Redemption Solutions: Ensure coupons or ticket validity and track your customers using our customer redemption solutions

  • Mobile Barcodes: Create fully scanner-enabled m-coupons and m-tickets by integrating barcodes into your messages

  • Security: A range of security features, including encryption using TwoFish 128-bit symmetric block cipher and cipher block chaining, ensure that all data is safe

For more details on the PingManager™ and how it can help you achieve your mobile marketing goals, please contact us.