Mobile Phone with advertisement

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a multi-billion dollar channel growing at a radically fast pace. This is with good reason. Mobile's combination of broad reach, targeting capabilities and location-based opportunities make it a unique advertising channel for virtually any type of business.

Ping's mobile advertising platform is based on the PingNetwork ™, a unique network of premium mobile applications and mobile Web sites across a huge variety of categories and demographics. Our proprietary campaign optimization algorithms constantly work to improve placements, results and ROI for each of your campaigns. We also offer a variety of calls to action, including click to call, SMS opt-in, mobile coupons, and downloads. We enable you to realize strong campaign return on investment (ROI) by providing the optimal call to action, premium banner placements at discounted prices across our entire search and display inventory, and relentless optimization.

As a full-service mobile marketing & advertising agency, we run every aspect of the campaign for you, from banner design and landing page creation, through to media placement, campaign reporting and recommendations.

Find out how our world-class mobile advertising technologies and services can help you attain your advertising objectives:

  • PingNetwork™ - Access optimal ad placements and discounted pricing across a unique network of mobile applications and mobile Web sites.

  • Mobile Display Advertising - Reach any kind of customer, whenever and wherever you want to.

  • Mobile Search Advertising - Use our location based marketing to advertise in response to mobile searches within a pre-defined distance from your location.

  • Hyper-Local Mobile Advertising - Be able to pin-point your potential customer's exact location, and show them a message based on where they are - the dream of virtually every marketer.

  • Creative Services - Let us design and create banners, text placements, landing pages and rich media pieces to complement your mobile advertising campaigns.