Data Mining

One of the unique strengths of the PingManager™ system is its proprietary data mining and analysis algorithms. By conducting both ongoing and manual analyses, we ensure that your customers are consistently receiving the most relevant messages based on their history and preferences. This means that you get satisfied customers who look forward to getting your messages, and ensure the highest possible ROI by only sending messages to the customers who are most likely to respond.

In addition, our automated learning engine automatically optimizes your push campaigns in real time to ensure maximum ROI. By analyzing each cycle of a campaign, and comparing the profiles of the customers who responded to the remaining customers in your database, the system will send out the next cycle of the campaign to the customers who are most likely to redeem or response, based on the previous send. This is repeated for every cycle of a campaign, meaning that your targeting is getting more and more accurate with every cycle of a campaign, and your ROI is continually improving as well.

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