Customer Retention

It's a lot easier (and cheaper) to keep the customers you already have than to go out and get new ones. As a highly personal, always-on medium, mobile is the ideal channel for creating an ongoing relationship with your customers. Some of the ways Ping helps you retain your customers include:

  • Mobile Push Campaigns: Send highly targeted messages to your subscribers, based on their history, interests, demographic data and location. Messages can be sent via a variety of channels including SMS, MMS, email and mobile application.

  • Data Analysis and Customer Segmentation: Ping's proprietary data analysis algorithms ensure that your customers are getting the messages and offers that are most likely to appeal to them. Furthermore, our Learning Engine automatically optimizes your push campaigns based on previous results.

  • Mobile Coupons: Create mobile coupons for your customers that can be sent via SMS, mobile Web or through a mobile application. Customers love the convenience and simplicity of mobile coupons, and offering them will help you to ensure your customers come back to you.

  • Customer Surveys and Feedback: Use our interactive campaign modules, such as voting and quizzes, to gather feedback from your regular customers via their mobile. This makes your customers feel listened to, and provides you with valuable customer feedback. Plus, you can offer exclusive coupons and offers which are automatically sent to participants

In addition to these stand-alone mobile customer retention strategies, mobile can also be integrated into your existing CRM plans and methods. Please contact us today to learn how we can make your CRM programs more efficient and more effective.