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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is what we've done for over 10 years, running mobile marketing campaigns for hundreds of clients From traditional SMS marketing campaigns and interactive campaigns such as quizzes and votes, through to data-driven mobile CRM campaigns, MMS and mobile content, and redeemable mobile coupons, no matter what your mobile goals are, we will help you turn them into a reality.

Our services and technology takes you far beyond the simple use of names and other personal details. With Ping Mobile, you can use a customer's interests, demographic data, purchase and redemption history, and even their location to make sure you're creating a message that will really speak directly to them.

Mobile marketing works both as a stand-alone marketing platform and as an add-on to your existing advertising and media buys. By adding a mobile call to action to your TV, print, radio and outdoor marketing efforts, you provide consumers with an opportunity to interact beyond the limited time of viewing the ad itself. This both places your brand in the mind of the consumer and provides you with a way to re-market and continue the interaction in the future. And because you're paying for that media anyway, adding a mobile element virtually guarantees a higher ROI - and who wouldn't want that?

Because we're a true full-service mobile marketing agency, we'll also give you the benefit of our expertise and experience by designing a mobile strategy and tactical plan that's in line with your overall marketing message and goals. That means that you don't need to have in-depth knowledge of all the mobile options available, how they work and where they might fit in to your marketing mix, because we'll help you figure it out and understand what's going to help you achieve your goals.

Our range of mobile marketing solutions includes:

  • SMS Keyword Campaigns - By adding a keyword to virtually any advertising channel or customer touch point and prompting users to text it in to a short code, you not only drive immediate sales but you're also building a database of targeted consumers.

  • Interactive Campaigns - Interactive mobile campaigns act as a customer acquisition tool by exciting and enticing potential customers, who respond in order to participate and thereby provide you with the opportunity for continued interactions.

  • Mobile Coupons - Providing exclusive coupons, discounts and offers direct to your customers' phones.

  • Mobile CRM - With the ability to reach customers anytime, anywhere, mobile is one the most powerful Customer Resource Management (CRM) tools a marketer can employ.

  • Mobile Strategy - Let us help you plan a mobile marketing strategy to achieve your business objectives.

  • Campaign Management - We manage your mobile campaigns from strategy and creative through to execution and post-campaign analytics.

  • Client Services - We have a proven track record of success in servicing global brands in mobile marketing. Find out what we can do for your business.

  • MMS Campaigns - Add flair and engagement to your mobile marketing with multimedia messaging.

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