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Mobile Coupons

If your business uses coupons in any way, you need to make sure that you don't miss the mobile coupon revolution. Ping's platform includes a whole host of mobile couponing options, allowing you to create, manage and validate complete coupon campaigns with ease.

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The benefits of mobile coupons are clear. For the retailer, they're much cheaper than paper coupons, and they can be created and sent in minutes. In terms of customer engagement, the 96% "open and read rate" of SMS messages dwarfs the under 2% of costly direct mail or email alternatives. Mobile coupons are also extremely convenient for consumers who don't need to clip and remember to bring their paper coupons shopping; instead, they just need their mobile phones, which are already with them all the time.

Additionally, mobile coupons can be combined with Ping's mobile marketing modules, such as location-based services, to provide a truly powerful marketing tool. Imagine sending a 10% discount coupon to one of your customers when you know that they're just around the corner. Mobile coupon usage data is also used in our data analysis suite, so you'll know you're sending highly relevant coupons that are most likely to get a response from each customer.

Ping's system also helps retailers overcome one of the core challenges of mobile coupons - coupon redemption and validation - by providing a range of redemption options, each of which allow retailers to validate coupons and prevent fraud. Ping's recently announced partnership with IBM will also provide truly seamless mobile coupon redemption at the point of sale.

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  • IBM Partnership - We enable you to create mobile campaigns that work seamlessly with IBM point of sale systems and promotion tools.