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Ping Mobile recently announced a partnership with IBM, which will see Ping's system integrated with IBM's point of sale systems to create one of the first truly seamless mobile coupon redemption systems for medium and large retailers.

For retailers who already use IBM's POS equipment, this partnership will mean they can start real-time mobile coupon redemption with virtually no investment in additional hardware, software or staff training. Additionally, IBM's PLMS Promotion Management System will also be directly integrated with Ping's technology, meaning retailers will still only need to enter their promotions in a single interface.

By redeeming coupons in real-time, retailers will ensure that there are no delays or additional customer waiting times, and the entire mobile coupon process will be as smooth and easy as paper coupons for both the customer and retailer.

For more details on how to get started using mobile coupons with IBM's POS systems, please contact us.