Database Management

Ping's system is designed to manage and maintain large customer databases, and is highly scalable to allow virtually any sized business to use it. Ping's database management features include a high level of customization ability, so no matter what data you want to store or gather on your customers, we can quickly and easily accommodate your needs.

Synchronizing the records in Ping's database with those in our clients' database is a primary concern, and our system is built to do this efficiently and easily through real-time integrations or daily manual exports. Importing your existing databases is a breeze, as is exporting to you if required. We handle all aspects of subscriber management, including opt-in and opt-out, and we ensure 100% carrier compliance at all times.

Finally, we use high-level encryption and secure access controls to ensure that all data stored in our system is safe and secure. To find out more about how we can help manage your mobile database, contact us today.