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Your customers are going mobile. Are you? Mobile marketing is revolutionizing the marketing and advertising fields because most consumers have a truly deep and personal relationship with their mobile devices. For older consumers, a phone is essential. Younger consumers' devices are practically a bionic attachment to their bodies. With this personal connection, it's no surprise that mobile marketing efforts result in astonishingly high rates of response and rapid actions. With traditional marketing and advertising techniques lagging behind mobile marketing in reach and effectiveness, it's time to leverage the potential of mobile marketing to drive your business forward.

We are a full-service mobile marketing and advertising agency that combines outstanding client service and support with our own world-class mobile marketing technologies. Let Ping Mobile help you realize your marketing objectives through our proven mobile solutions:

  • Mobile Marketing and customer acquisition - Get close to your customers and motivate them to buy when they are at the point of purchase with SMS keyword campaigns, MMS campaigns, interactive campaigns, and mobile coupons.

  • Mobile CRM and customer retention - Build and manage your all-important mobile customer database that enables you to conduct push campaigns, do proprietary data analysis and optimization algorithms, and subscriber management.

  • Mobile Advertising via the PingNetwork™ mobile ad network - Harness the impact of mobile advertising in completely organic mobile campaigns as well as mobile extensions of traditional advertising. Reach your customers with display, mobile search, hyper-local and location based advertising, and supporting creative services.

  • Mobile Coupons - Give your customers coupons they will carry with them wherever they go. Mobile coupons can be created as a part of any campaign. Our platform includes multiple barcode and coding options, redemption options, and a truly innovative partnership with IBM's point of sale systems.

  • Location Based Services - Think global but market local to your customers with location-based mobile advertising, user lookup via phone number, and location-aware mobile applications.

  • Value-Added Mobile Marketing Products - Increase the impact of your mobile marketing with IVR and voice marketing, mobile video, social media, mobile applications and mobile Web sites.

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